The Lilian Look in 360°

Come on a virtual tour of the previous exhibition The Lilian Look, and see clothing fit for a princess up close. Click on the image above to start the tour.

In 2015, an exhibition was staged at the Royal Palace of Stockholm featuring around thirty different garments worn by Princess Lilian for royal representation and family events.

We are now delighted to offer a 360° tour of the exhibition, in which you can zoom in on and enlarge each garment. The signs are also clickable.

The technology also allows you to explore the Pillared Hall and the Guard's Hall. Look up in the Pillared Hall!

Images: Screenshots from the digital exhibition. Detail of an evening dress worn by Princess Lilian at an official dinner at the Royal Palace in 1987. Photo: Sanna Argus Tirén. See the dress in the digital exhibition.

All you need to visit the digital exhibition is a computer or a smartphone. You can 'wander' around by clicking on the floor markings. The garments and the signs are clickable, and you can experience the 360° technology by moving around the screen.