Gunilla Bielke, Queen of Sweden

Queen Gunilla

Gunilla was the daughter of state councillor Johan Axelsson Bielke and Margareta Posse. She was staying at the court when Katarina Jagellonica died.

After a year of mourning Johan III, decided to marry Gunilla. The couple had one child, Johan.

Gunilla is considered to have influenced her husband in a Protestant direction. She also carried out extensive charitable work and established a children's home in Uppsala.

Following Johan's death, she lived on the income from a large area of land, which Duke Karl (IX) attempted to curtail in various ways.

Gunilla Bielke, 1568–1597, Queen of Sweden. Unknown artist. Photo: Nationalmuseum

Gunilla Bielke

Born June 1568, died 25 June 1597
Queen 1585–1592*


1585 Västerås Cathedral


1598 Uppsala Cathedral


Katarina Jagellonica


Anna of Austria


Johan III


Johan (1589–1618)

*Years refer to time as queen, not as dowager queen.

Gunilla Bielke